Imagine a world in which every child engages in their education and enjoys their learning experiences...

What if we could better understand behaviour

and better support each child's needs?

What is every child was given the freedom

and confidence they needed to be themselves?

And what is achievement wasn't a possibility for only one type of child but accessible and available to everyone? 

Imagine if we could go back to the drawing board and design an education system that serves every child, equally and appreciates diversity rather than punishing it?

What is we were able to understand every child's behaviours, interests and potential?

What is we were able to diversify our curriculum to optimise the impact learning has on each child?

What if we didn't punish and restrict the pupils that were unable to thrive in mainstream settings but instead supported and encouraged them to achieve whatever they are able to?

At Phoenix Education, we don't just imagine, we invent and we work to transform education through a process of regeneration rather than redesign.

We offer mentoring, coaching and consultancy services to help both mainstream schools and alternative provisions to better understand and support pupil's behaviour, mental health, attainment and opportunities.

If you would like to know more, please do get in touch.