The RISE accreditation programme is designed to showcase excellence in both mainstream and alternative provisions. RISE does not only see excellence in attendance records and academic attainment but also in the way in which we, as educators, develop, support and embrace the minds of children and young people.

The RISE accreditation programme is designed for organisations that wish to demonstrate a continual commitment to the mental well being of your pupils, an understanding of neurodiversity and consistently neurofriendly approach to behaviour, challenges and vulnerabilities children and young people experience or respond to whilst at school. 

The accreditation is awarded once we have embedded practices and created a culture that supports mental well being and it can be utilised as part of the schools marketing, relationship policy or recruitment.  




The initial component of the RISE accreditation programme is an audit of your schools mental health. We observe and understand your pupils, their needs and how they are supported and encouraged within their learning environment. We look to understand not just how you respond to mental illness but the protective and proactive procedures, processes and policies you have in place to create, support and maintain good mental health amongst the children and young people you work with. 

We have found that in the majority of institutions, education based and otherwise, it is often the people that have the experiences we can learn the most from that struggle to find their voice. At Phoenix Education, we make a commitment to hearing every story, giving every child a voice and learning what we can in order to ensure every child is supported in a way that allows them to reach their full potential and remain mentally well. Although we initially manage these conversations initially, in the longer term we ensure you are trained and equipped to facilitate these conversations in the future. 




Once we have a thorough understanding of  your current strengths, challenges and approach to supporting the mental well being of your students, we begin to detail what measures we can put in place or improve upon in order improve the culture of your school and the well being of the pupils you serve. We develop a plan  that suits your ability in terms of budget, time and knowledge so that it can be well executed and maintained whilst being effective and efficient for your organisations and both the pupil and staff within it. Our plan will ensure you are able to reach the RISE accredited standard and create a proactive, supportive and encouraging environment to teach and learn in.

Initially, we share our plans with key stakeholders and work through any questions, concerns or training needs. Our team can help you apply for or secure additional funds and create internal and external communication strategies so that you can share your programme with maximum effect.

As part of the RISE programme, we help you implement and changes, introduce new initiatives and engage pupils, parents and staff. We ensure you create a culture that meets the RISE accreditation standards and supports attainment, achievement and fulfilment in your organisation. 


After working with you to achieve your accredited RISE status we can willingly and happily help you maximise the benefits of this. Whether it is utilising internal marketing, pupil recruitment, parent relationships or local PR, our team of experts can help you share your story effectively and celebrate the new standard you have achieved.


As education professionals, we spend lots of our time managing pressures relating to budgets, academic attainment and the management of stakeholder and parental relationships.

The criteria many people use to determine whether we are good teachers are not, is rarely based on the successful development of health and happy young minds and at Phoenix Education, we believe it is that which should be celebrated.

Our RISE accreditation programme focuses on understanding, creating and maintaining policies, principles and cultures that allow us to nurture, support and champion each and every pupil we serve rather than simply teaching them how to get through exams. 

We are proud of the incredible people we work with in the sector and will ensure our RISE accreditation programme helps the wider public understand that, too.