Phoenix Education Consultancy have produced a framework for Embracive Education - a

process that will allow education experts to take the delivery learning for excluded and marginalised children from curriculum compliant through to an embracive education experience.


Our framework is based on 12 key stages which are detailed below. We offer a variety of

Products and services around each stage of the Embracive Education framework.

Phoenix Education Consultancy have produced a guided process that ensures education experts and providers accurately understand the circumstances and needs of each child they work with.

This stage of the Phoenix framework ensures the minimum viable standards for the provisions of education are provided to every child for everyday of their learning.

The Phoenix framework encourages measurement that support understand and the analysis stage of the process ensures that key stakeholders can understand and measure, on a child by child basis, the gap that exists between minimum viable standards and ideal circumstances.

The Phoenix framework ensures education experts and providers meet the individual need of every pupil we serve. The personalisation phase of our framework provides a formula that ensures we understand the individual needs, learning preference, vulnerabilities and strengths of every pupil.

The Evaluation component of the Phoenix framework takes everything we have learnt about a pupil and their experiences of education to date and uses a simple formula to build a financial and social case for the implementation of embracive education.


This stage of the Phoenix framework ensures all stakeholders including the pupil, their parents and any other caregivers, fully understand the requirement, responsibilities and timelines associated with delivering an embracive education.

Determining the details of an embracive education looks at the ‘what’. What do we want to achieve and what are the KPIs, the costs, the stakeholders and the critical path that will allow us to achieve this.

The design of embracive education is the how. How, will we, along with all stakeholders provide the best possible learning experience for the specific pupil we are working with.

At Phoenix Education we understand the importance of sharing all relevant information with all stakeholders in a simple manner, using bespoke solutions to facilitate this.

The delivery stage of the Phoenix embracive education framework is ongoing but it ensures every child has all they need to embrace their education experience.

The Phoenix framework provide simple tools and indicative measures that allow you to monitor that efficiency of the embracive education experience you, or we, deliver to each individual child.

Phoenix Education Consultancy recognise the importance of objectivity and encourage that reviews of a child’s education are regularly completed. We provide a simple process for doing this efficiently and effectively.

Ensuring Embracive Education