Phoenix Education Consultancy recognise that our mission to provide an embracive education to every child is more than a commercial endeavour. We also recognise that our expertise has a greater value than our profits and as such, we donate our time to charities, causes and organisations that require but are unable to afford our services. Some of the organisations we work with on this basis are detailed below.

Corporate Social Responsibility


Phoenix Education Consultancy provide presidential services to PRUsAp UK to ensure that policies and practices relating to Pupil Referral Units and Alternative Provisions are fully understood by the wider government and are in turn reflect the needs of the students that we serve.

Let us


The award winning grassroots organisation based in London Borough of Newham and seeks to support local families in gaining educational support for children with special needs.

Lets Unite for Autism

A grassroots organisations that seeks to support the Somalian's and wider community in Shepherd’s Bush to develop a deeper understanding of autism within families.