Sarah Dove is the Founder and Managing Director of Phoenix Education Consultancy.  Her own experiences of adversity, drive her understanding that there needs to be a wider systems approach to drive change within the education system.   She has a strong strategic background in education services within in-patient services, children's care homes, secure units, specialist resource provisions as well as mainstream education.  


Sarah Dove was the first person in her family to complete her GCSEs, let alone A-levels, a degree, qualified teacher status, or a masters degree. In the last fifteen years, Sarah has led education provisions to ensure every child is able to embrace rather than simply experience education. She has managed to do this whilst balancing parenthood, studying for a PHD and managing Tourette’s syndrome, OCD, PTSD and depression.

After attempting suicide in 2015, Sarah has a unique view of mental   health services, education systems and the need for inclusion in wider communities. Sarah’s view is that educators can not only change lives, they can save lives.

Sarah combines her academic achievements, her own experiences of overcoming traumatic childhood experience, mental illness and the daily challenges parenthood brings with over 15 years experience of driving change in the education sector.  Yet, what is most important to Sarah, and Phoenix Education Consultancy as a business is a belief in, and commitment to, every child - and a determination to ensure that we allow every child to embrace their education and flourish into their future.

Pioneering an embracive approach to education in order to improve mental health of children and young people; to better understand behaviours and improve lifetime attainment and opportunity.