Access to Alternative Provisions

This research is currently being completed by Sarah as part of her PhD. It explores young people’s experiences of accessing alternative provision. Aligned with the values and practices of Phoenix Education Consultancy, the research is based on the assumption that young people are the experts of their own lived experiences and as such, Sarah spent 6 months observing their relationships and interaction within the AP, facilitating focus group meetings between students and 1:1 interviews.  Key themes emerging have included body politics, identity and social systems.

Behaving Together.

Completed as part of a Masters degree with the Institute of Education, this research drew upon participatory methods within an in-patient service for young people with severe and enduring mental health needs.

This research titled ‘Behaving Together: Writing a behavioural policy with pupils in psychiatric in-patient services’ explored young people’s experiences of rules of a school room within a tier four service and went on to inform the Phoenix Education Consultancy programme around delivering embracive education in these environments.