Understanding Exclusion

The dramatic rise in the number of exclusions seen in both primary and secondary schools has become a public concern. We know that exclusions are associated with increased gang membership, serious youth violence, crime, unemployment and mental illness. Understanding the causes of exclusion allow us to implement preventative measures and provide interventions that limit the lifetime damage of being unable to thrive within mainstream education. Understanding exclusion isn't just about reducing the number of exclusions we see but also about helping understand how to create the best possible outcomes for excluded pupils.

Improving Alternatives

Alternative Provisions are seen as the inferior alternative to mainstream education. The incredible work they do to support vulnerable children with complex needs is often overlooked and by using mainstream indicators of success, seem to fail rather than thrive. Yet, Pupil Referral Units and Alternative Provisions provide life changing experiences and opportunities to children and young people that need it the most. At Phoenix Education, we have developed the RISE accreditation to show excellence and equality across AP and ensure that alternative education still provides pupils with a 360 learning experience and is held in an equal regard to mainstream by society as a whole.

Managing Mental Health

Children and young people are experiencing stress, cognitive challenges and mental health problems more often, with greater severity and at earlier ages than  than ever before. Phoenix Education Consultancy work to help mainstream schools improve their understanding of mental health and their ability to implement proactive, mentally supportive measures. We also support the schools that are faced with the most challenging children, understand how to support and improve mental illness and advise how the most unwell children are able to engage in education from hospital or other secure settings.

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