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What I do.

Whether I'm advising or consulting schools, Multi-Academy Trusts (MAT), colleges or local authorities, my objective is to ensure that every child is able to participate and enjoy their education. 

It means making sure that they have the opportunity to build friendships, to explore additional interests and to experience a sense of achievement, a sense of pride and a sense of belonging. 

My work is not to make education happen when 'other things' get in the way but to ensure education happens in a way that engages, supports and nurtures that most vulnerable children within our communities.

I can provide a series of tools and resources  to support continually professional development, interventions for students and improving staff capacity to deal with challenging circumstances.

Please get in contact for: work relating to


  • School improvement advice

  • Reviews of serious incidents 

  • ​Creation of specific advice and resources


Why it matters.

because children matter. 

The children that turn up, the ones that can't or don't, the ones that truant and the ones that we notice straight away.


The quieter children at the back of the class that may not put their hand up. The ones who work attentively but still find things really difficult. The ones that argue and debate.

It matters, because all children matter.

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