Our embracive education e-programme is designed to help practitioners of education understand, utilise and implement an embracive education for pupils with vulnerabilities or complex needs.

Phoenix mentoring is a one-to-one programme, typically conducted online for a minimum of 6 hours split over a 6 week to 4 month period. The mentoring programme guides experts through the process of implementing embracive education and provides insight, support, practical tips and guidance. The mentoring programme typically focuses on a specific pupil but can be used to explore a group of children and young people that may find themselves facing similar circumstances.

Training is designed to teach a select group of teachers and other education experts to deliver embracive education to those pupils receiving alternative provisions.  Available as a full day or two half day programmes, our training is engaging, interactive and practical - ensuring that whilst the principles of embracive education are learnt, they are also implemented.

‚ÄčWhether you are new to alternative provisions or have a particularly complex case that you need support with, Phoenix coaches are available to provide objective, expert opinion, guidance and advice. Coaches can be used to provide advice with regards to policy and compliance, stakeholder management, funding options and the application of an embracive education. Coaches can be used on an adhoc basis, like a call centre for the education sector.

There are times when you need an extra pair of hands, a confident expert or someone to simply turn up and get the job done. Phoenix Education Consultants are available to work within any education setting to ensure any or all pupils are able to receive an embracive education.

Our Rise accreditation is designed to showcase the education experts and educational institutions that show commitment, passion and professionalism with regards to the understanding and implementation of embracive education.Our accreditation programme must include an assessment, a period of training, the implementation of new practices and procedures and ultimately, a review and reward of accredited status.

Phoenix Education are able to provide keynote speeches, after dinner talks, inspirational insights or interactive workshops on any of the topics detailed below.

  • Engaging in an Embracive Education

  • Understanding an Embracive Education

  • Embracive Education for ASD

  • Embracive Education for children and young people involved in criminal activity

  • Embracive Education for children and young people with life limiting or life threatening medical conditions.

  • Embracive Education for children and young people who experience hearing voices or other types of auditory, tactical or sensory experiences